10 Tips That Will Change Your Life And Make You Happy


I thought I would share with you some habits that I think make a happy person.

I think on the whole I am a very positive person.

I’m just gonna tell you some really easy, simple habits that you do regularly

that I think help you to be a happy person.

So I hope you enjoy it, share

it with your friends if you want every friend happy,

  • Start out with an easyone and that is to MAKE YOUR BED every morning.

There’s a famous speech by a Navy SEAL called William McRaven.

Definitely go and watch it after this because it’s really inspiring.

He basically talks about how making your bed every morning can change the world.

And I’ve also gone on to read his book, which is also called Make Your Bed,

but the gist of it is he says, “Make your bed every morning and it will give you

a small sense of pride, and you will have accomplished something straight away in the morning

and that will make you want to go on throughout your day accomplishing other tasks.”

And he basically says, “If you can get the small things right, then you can get the big

things right as well.” And it’s just become part of my routine.

It’s really stuck with me.

And when I make my bed every morning, it does make me feel like

I’ve accomplished something and that I’m going to be like super productive

throughout the day.

So if you can, obviously, maybe not every single morning,

but on the majority of mornings, if you can make your bed feel

proud about the way it looks, it can kind of change your day.

It’s weird.

  •  The next habit is the most important one, and that is to PRACTICE GRATITUDE.

Michael Beckwith;

He says that, “Nothing good or new can enter your life  unless you’re already

grateful for what you have.” And that has really stuck with me.

If you think about anything in your life that you’re unhappy about and flip it.

Try and focus on the positives and the good things about it.

So say, take your partner. but if you take your partner and you’re always

thinking about the things that they don’t do or how annoying they can be

or things that they forget, it’s just gonna bring you down

and make you dislike them. But if you take the same person

and you just focus on the good things that they do,

how helpful they are, how funny they are, the things that they do for you,

it will just completely change everything because you’ll start to say

thank you to them for that. They’ll want to do more of the things that you like.

I don’t know, it just changes everything. I try it and just be so thankful and grateful

and praise them for the good things that they do and then I think they want to do it more.

but just try and be more grateful and it will definitely make you a happier person.

  •  The next one is another really easy one and that is to GET EVERYTHING


You have such a better day the next day.

Just wake up feeling like you are on it. You know what’s going on,

You are organized. And it’s just that simple little thing of taking like 20

minutes the night before, just get everything done, really sets me out for a good day.

  •  Next tip is a big one and that is to CURATE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA.

We are in control of what we see online and how it makes us feel.

So something doesn’t make you feel good or happy, stop looking at it.

go onto your Instagram account, go to the accounts that you follow

and just scroll through them, and if any of them don’t make you feel good

or they’ve made you feel bad in the past, just unfollow them.

It’s that easy. Even if it’s a friend or a relative,

there are ways that you don’t want to see their stuff.

You can mute them or hide them, So yeah, it’s completely up to you.

We are in control of what we see and how it makes us feel.

So yeah.

Unfollow people don’t feel bad about it.

So you need to just cut anything toxic out of your life.

  •  The next one is to ESTABLISH ROUTINES.

We are creatures of habit as human and we love to have a routine.

It makes us feel safe and secure and like we know what’s going on.

I personally love having a morning routine and evening routine and sticking to it.

  •  My next tip is to DRINK MORE WATER.

And with this tip, I feel a bit like do as I say, not as I do.

I really struggle to drink enough water

and my new year’s resolution this year was to drink two to three

liters of water a day. I’m really trying to stick to it,

but when I do drink my two liters of water,

I feel so much better, my skin feels clearer,

I feel more energized. It’s just so good for you.

So one thing that helps me is I found if I drink water at a room temperature,

I drink it so much easier. I think I’ve got sensitive teeth

and it puts me off when it’s really cold. I also have little like water enhancers,

so it’s like a little squash which is sugar free,

and that also helps me to drink more as well.

  •  My next tip is to WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS.

By setting goals, you’re giving yourself a focus

and it can be really fun to sit down and think,

“Where do I want to be in five years?

“Where do I want to be in one year?”

And then when you achieve some of the goals that you have written down,

it makes you feel so good about yourself and just happy.

  •   My next tip is to EMBRACE FAILURES and learn from them.

And this can be easier said than done. Sometimes you have to wait

A while to embrace a failure, but there are lessons and learnings

to come out of every failure. So don’t just focus on how bad it went

or how bad you feel about it. Just think of what you can learn from it

and how you can do it better next time, whether it be a failure at

work or in your personal life, you can improve on that

and change things for next time.


And I don’t even mean in real life,

I like to listen to audio books or follow people on social media

that really motivate me.

Like Gary V or I’ve talked about

the Blinkers App before, which has like 15 minute

inspiring books on it and I really love to like,

I think if you fill yourself with all that positive, good energy or you surround

yourself with friends that really get you and

just want you to do well and are like cheerleading you,

then it will just naturally bring you up.

So when it comes to toxic people, it can be quite hard.

And I don’t think I found it easy to cut people like that out

of my life until I was older, but if there’s anyone that makes you feel bad,

maybe just see them a little bit less, or if there’s anyone that

doesn’t believe in you,

maybe just don’t hang out with them as much.

  1.   My next tip is to VISUALIZE THINGS GOING WELL or visualize things that you want

or yeah,

Just things happening the way that you want them to happen.

Say, if you have a meeting tomorrow and tonight you’re

really anxious about it, try and just in your head go through the motions,

visualize it going well, you walking in, you killing it and it just happening well.

I also like to visualize, like things that we’d like to do,

like places we’d like to visit or I love to go on Right Move

and just look at houses which are way out of range

and just imagine like us having them or us walking around in them.

I don’t know.  know this is like probably a bit of a weird step,

but that is personally what I do. Sometimes if I can’t sleep at night,

I would just visualize us, you know, doing something really nice

or something that we’ve talked about or that we want to do.

I don’t know.

I feel like that I have some rubbish tip, but that is what I do.

And my last tip is to smile more.

Smiling it can actually trick your brain.

It will send a chemical reaction to your brain and it will actually

made you feel happier.

I have to also read this quote to you cause it’s crazy.

“Science has shown that the mere act of smiling

“can lift your mood, lower stress levels, “boost your immune system, and

possibly prolong your life.”

I really hope you enjoyed it and you got something from it.

Let me know in the comments,

which point was your favorite and anything you do to

make you feel happier.

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