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20 Amazing Tips to Make Your Clothes Look Expensive

1. Choose the right fabric

There’s no denying the fact that natural silk, cashmere, and leather look really chic, but

they’re usually pricey. Still, you can find affordable alternatives that don’t look cheap.

Items made of linen, faux suede, and cotton are your best choice because they’re usually

high-quality. It’s better to avoid synthetic materials since they can lose their shape

easily. When it comes to polyester, it’s kind of a tricky one – its quality varies from

item to item. So before buying, you should examine the clothes closely to make sure they

look and feel good on your skin.

2. Go for color unity

If you follow fashion, then you’ve probably noticed that designers come up with sets of

clothing that share the same color family quite often. So if you want to come to haute

couture, pick up a few colors that you like the most, and choose clothes of similar shades

for your wardrobe. Such outfits will definitely make you look more put-together and elegant.

Besides, you’ll spend less time getting ready in the morning since everything matches. Win-win!

3. Get a white shirt.

Any wardrobe is incomplete without this item! A white shirt made of high-quality material

that comes in a cut that suits your figure will make any outfit look perfect. It’s one

of the basics and complements almost any style. But here’s the important thing – make sure

your shirt is actually white, because dull whites can instantly drag an outfit down.

4. Don’t neglect the handbag

When it comes to accessories, a handbag is really one of the most important; it makes

the whole outfit look polished. No matter how strong the temptation is, try to avoid

buying fakes. When you’re on a budget, it’s better to find something original and unique.

Look for a handbag in neutral colors that matches most of your outfits and avoid those

with contrasting clasps, fringes, folds, or embroidery because usually these details are

concealing bad quality.

5. No faded colors

Your favorite red blouse isn’t so red anymore? It’s time to say goodbye without regret! If

you don’t want to ruin your image and look cheap, get rid of the clothes with washed-out

colors. To keep all your garments looking beautiful, make sure you wash them carefully

and pay attention to the instructions on the tags.

6. Fit is the key

There’s nothing worse (okay, a few other things) than an ill-fitting outfit. It can

happen even if you’ve chosen the right size because – shocker – one size doesn’t fit

all. But you can always save the situation with just a couple of stitches by a tailor.

That’s how cheap clothes can end up looking much better on you than an outfit from a famous


7. Don’t overuse perfume

Fragrance is the last detail that finishes your outfit. Perfume can tell a lot about

a person, just like clothing and accessories. It can highlight your style, taste, and individuality.

But it’s better not to use too much perfume if you have to be on public transport or in

a building for a long time.

8. When in doubt choose beige.

This classically neutral color somehow has the power to magically make you look more

luxurious and trendy. What’s more, you can effortlessly match it with almost any color.

That’s why a lot of women who strive to have a perfect image often own a beige coat

that’s never out of fashion.

9. Don’t forget about grooming

A famous designer, Karl Lagerfeld, once said, “You can look perfect and elegant even wearing

jeans and a T-shirt.” So while you get inspiration from fashion icons and follow style tips,

don’t forget that clothes aren’t the be-all end-all. The way you look also depends on

your body shape, your skin condition, and makeup. Work on your appearance and you’ll

feel confident and beautiful in any clothes!

10. Be careful with prints

It’s totally fine to incorporate prints into your wardrobe if you go for classic ones

like stripes, dots, and leopard print. They’re basically timeless. But all others are hard

to combine with other clothes and might even be unflattering depending on your figure type.

Also, don’t buy the item if the print is broken – the pattern should assemble well

at the seams.

11. Avoid visible zippers

To tell the quality of a garment, you should look not only at its fabric, but its accessories

as well. Noticeable zippers are an undeniable giveaway to modest garments.The zipper should be covered

or at least the color of all its parts should be similar to the fabric.

12. Tuck in your clothes

Of course, you want to look polished and casual at the same time. As if you haven’t spent a

few hours getting ready, right? But a loose shirt will probably give you an incomplete

At the point when you need a progressively chic style, you completely don’t need to change

your entire closet.a few hours getting ready, right? But a loose shirt will probably give you an incomplete

look. In most cases, it’s better to tuck in any top garment. It will make your outfit

more cohesive and – as a bonus – highlight your waist.

13. Wrinkled clothes are a big “no”

Nothing screams “sloppy” as much as wrinkled clothes! And trust me – there’s no way

other people won’t notice it. I get that ironing isn’t the most exciting thing to

do, but if you want to look impeccable, you just have to do it. No matter how much your

outfit costs, it’ll definitely look much better when it’s neat and smooth.

14. Don’t forget about underwear

Even the most luxurious outfit can be ruined by visible panty lines. To avoid this pesky

situation, you can either choose shapewear that’ll make you look slimmer or try basic

thongs that look smooth underneath any clothing item. However, your bra matters too. Get a

pair of silicone bra cups that’ll let you rock backless and strapless dresses or blouses.

15. Change the buttons

Any ordinary shirt, cardigan, or coat can be changed into something progressively rich by

simply changing the buttons. Modest garments for the most part accompany plastic catches, yet you

can easily replace them with glass, wooden, or metal buttons. You can find some really

interesting options at sewing shops, or even your grandmothers’ sewing cabinet. You can

even use buttons from old clothes you don’t wear anymore.

16. Make a blazer your best friend

At the point when you need a progressively chic style, you completely don’t need to change your entire closet.

Sometimes all it takes is a few new items. One of them is definitely a blazer. A classic

one in a neutral color will make you look more put-together, while a bright one will

bring extra life into your outfit.

17. Manage your priorities

It’s more sensible to invest money in your basic wardrobe than in clothes for special

occasions, and trendy items. You wear basic clothing almost every day, so it’s important

to get it in the best affordable quality. And while that hot-pink princess dress looks

stunning, you’ll only get to wear it once, so don’t splurge your whole paycheck on it.

18. Throw on some sunglasses

I have no idea how it works, but putting on sunglasses instantly makes your whole outfit

look better. Maybe that’s something the celebrities started, who knows. If you’re

in doubt which to choose, always go for classic, oversized black shades. They complement almost

any outfit regardless of the style.

19. Get a pair of pointy shoes

When it comes to footwear, you don’t need to revamp your entire shoe collection; but

it’s a great idea to get a classic pair of pointed shoes. Going from a rounded toe

to a pointy shoe changes an outfit in the blink of an eye. A pointy toe shows that you

mean business and adds that extra elegant detail.

20. Pay attention to the hardware

True chic style is all about the small details that most people tend to overlook. Take a

look at the color of metal zippers on your clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Make sure

they match. The same goes for a belt buckle. Pick one hardware item that will be the baseline,

and choose all others to go with it. For example, if you have a yellow gold necklace, all other

hardware in your outfit should be of the same hue. Not that big a deal, right? But trust

me, it’ll bring that perfect subtle harmony to your look.

Do you know any other tips that help you look stunning without breaking your bank account?

Let me know down in the comments!

Stay on the Bright Side of life!

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