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Gift Guide For Every One – Christmas Gifts

Presently how about we get into this blessing guide – Christmas Gifts. In this way, rather than sorting out these thoughts by who is on your rundown like a sister, a sibling, your mother or father, your companion, I chose to do it by the kind of individual you’re requesting for in light of the fact that everybody is unique, everybody has various tastes. So what your sibling may like may be totally not quite the same as what my sibling might want, possibly progressively like what my mother needs. Everybody has distinctive novel tastes.

So I have some categories on this list. Find what’s right for everyone on your list.

Style & Luxury Gifts

Christmas Gifts – The first category is people who are into style, fashion, or luxury. We all know those people who are always dressed the cutest, who have the perfect little nighttime routine, who go crazy on their skincare. That kind of person. Getting this kind of person a pair of shoes is a great way to find something in their style that you don’t have to worry as much about fit. I mean, it’s a lot easier to guess someone’s shoe size than their dress size, so shoes are a great way to embody their style and their personality without having to figure out sizing too much.

Also a handbag is a great gift for this kind of person. I’d recommend a clutch. Most women already have a daily go-to handbag, so this is a great way to get something that they’re gonna love and use without having to replace what they already have. If you’re set on getting them a clothing item, a comfy sweater is pretty easy to size on a person. Also leather jackets are so classic and so comfy and jackets are, again, easier to size than typical clothes. A watch is a pretty typical gift, but it’s a great way to give them something nice and luxurious that they’re gonna get a lot of use out of. And there’s so many different types of watches out there. You can really find one that fits their aesthetic and is unique to their style.

Christmas Gifts – If there’s a guy in your life who loves to dress really snappy or maybe he has to dress up for work, a really nice tie is a great way to go and you can also get some accessories to go along with it like cuff links, a tie clip, or even a tie organizer for their closet to keep everything nice and orderly. If you want to get them something more on the relaxation side, a fluffy robe is a great thing to have. And you can never go wrong with slippers. Everyone loves a good pair of slippers.

And if you’re looking for a gift for that makeup guru in your life, instead of trying to skin tone match them and get them some actual makeup, get them a makeup organizer. A big travel makeup box or maybe just some organization for the area that they get ready in. It’s a great way to get them something that’s actually gonna help them and actually going to contribute to their makeup obsession without having to actually find makeup.

College & Socialite Gifts

Christmas Gifts – The next category is for college students or even if they’re out of college, just kind of that socialite type of person. Someone who’s going out all the time, they probably live in a small space, and they’re probably pretty busy. A Polaroid camera like this one is a great gift for this type of person where they can document their memories and all the fun that they’re having but have a physical little printed out picture to decorate with. Also Polaroid film if this person already has a camera or you’re getting them a camera, they’re gonna need some film.

An old style turntable or record player is a really awesome thing to dress up a dorm room or a small apartment, especially if they’re having people over all the time because you can actually listen to music. One of these little mini printers is awesome for someone who’s taking a lot of pictures on their phone because they can just print them out right there and then scrapbook or decorate with the photos. If you want to jump up in price a little bit, a really good pair of headphones is going to be, like, irreplaceable for a college student.

Also, a little wireless Bluetooth speaker is great for this kind of person. If you want to go a little bit more on the unique side, get them a karaoke machine. Like, after a night of going out and drinking or partying, why go to a karaoke bar when your house or your dorm or your apartment can be the karaoke bar? For someone who’s going out all the time, foldable flats like this that you can just put in your purse are amazing. If you’re wearing heels, it’s been a long night, just take them out and you can actually walk without having to be in bare feet.

Christmas Gifts – I think salt lamps like this are super cute and it adds a little bit of light to a darker room and it’s just really cute, very aesthetically pleasing. We left the party section for a little bit, but we’re back. You could always get them a flask. You know they’re gonna be drinking anyways. Why not just make it just a little bit more portable? External phone batteries are always great. Honestly, this could just be something for anyone, but especially for college students, for socialites. Just a little rechargeable battery that they can throw in their purse and bring with them so their phone can always be charged. A little simple point-and-shoot camera is great for documenting memories that are a little bit more high quality than just your phone. Or, for someone who’s a little bit more adventurous, go for a GoPro.

Tech Gifts

Christmas Gifts – Next category, the techie. Self-explanatory. Smartwatches are great for a person who loves tech and there’s so much variety now. I feel like there’s a million different brands of smartwatches, so you can find one that’s perfect for your person. A little bit of smart home stuff. You could go with a smart thermostat like a Nest, a video doorbell system.

Christmas Gifts – They even have smart pet feeders now and smart coffee mugs to keep your coffee warm all day. You could also get them a drone, and drones used to be crazy expensive, but now there’s ones at a lot of different price ranges. Even like mini drones. Can’t go wrong with a gaming system. If they don’t have one and they’ve been wanting one, an Xbox, a PS4, and a Nintendo Switch.

Whatever you want to get them, something that they can just geek out with and have fun with all the tech. VR is also super-hot right now. Like, anything virtual reality has just been so much fun because it’s a brand new piece of technology. I think that’d be, like, amazing. If they already have a gaming console, you could always get them an extra controller so that they can play multiplayer when they have friends over. And you can’t go wrong with an iPad, and if they already have an iPad, you could get them this iPad pencil. I have one of these and it’s super awesome for drawing, sketching, writing notes.

Home Gifts/ for Young Adults

Christmas Gifts – The next category is for people who kind of like graduated out of that college student, socialite category. This is like the step up, the young adult, the person who just got into the job force, maybe they just got their own apartment or just bought a house. They’re kind of trying to transition into having real nice adult things and making their living space a little bit more mature. I feel like one of the adult essentials is a Crock-Pot or, even if it’s not a Crock-Pot, like a slow cooker. Just something where you can throw in a bunch of stuff and make a meal out of it.

Christmas Gifts – Throw blankets are a great gift for someone who is trying to make their living space a little bit more adult because it just adds that extra touch of design. And it’s cozy. I mean, everyone loves blankets. It’s a great gift for someone who’s kind of like transitioning into adulthood. Nice luggage is a perfect gift for someone, especially if they do a lot of travel and they need their own suitcases. They can’t just be using their parents’ anymore. A blender or a smoothie maker, like a NutriBullet or something like that, is perfect to add to a kitchen that’s a little bit less than fully stocked.

Tupperware also, just anything for food storage, for throwing in leftovers, heating them up later. A wine opener or, even better, an electric wine opener. Why not just take all the physical labor out of it? Even better. Or, if this person is more of a beer drinker, get them a wall mounted beer opener. It makes a cute piece of decor and it’s actually function able. Last idea for this type of person, get them some board games. This is essential for anyone who’s gonna be doing some hosting throughout their life. Some fun group games that they can whip out whenever they have company.

Romantic Gifts

Christmas Gifts – Now we have some romantic gifts for your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your spouse. Whatever, someone that you just want to put a little bit of that romance into your gift. Scrapbook with all of our memories throughout the year. It’s not very expensive to make and it just takes a lot of time and thought and energy put into it, so it’s a great gift for a significant other. You give that person a little box filled with sealed letters that say read me when and a bunch of different topics. If you’re married, getting a calligrapher to write out your wedding vows in really pretty handwriting that you can frame is a great gift. Or you could just take your wedding invitation and get it framed. Again, makes a cute piece of decor and it’s just really sentimental.

You could also put together a date night basket. So, little things to take that person in your life out on a date night, whether it’s movie tickets, maybe a gift card to a restaurant. Whatever you want it to be, just a little date night basket that you can put together with a bunch of different activities. For more physical gifts that are still sentimental, I think perfume or cologne is a great way to go. Or you can’t go wrong with jewelry. Some sort of dainty necklace or bracelet.

The fan boy or the fan girl. I overly freak out about the nerdy things that I love, whether it’s Harry Potter, Pokémon, Star Wars, Broadway. And there’s a lot of people out there like me, so whatever it is that that person just obsesses over, get them one of these things. If you know someone who is a huge fan boy/fan girl about sports, you can always get them a jersey for their favorite team or a hat or a cooler or socks or whatever it is. I feel like every sports team does a million different types of merch, so just something from their favorite sports team.

If they’re a big fan of a YouTuber, you can always order them YouTuber merch. I mean, hey. If that person on your list likes my videos, check it out. If there’s a certain artist or band that they like, you could always get them merch from that person or even one of their CDs. You could also buy them something that’s an expansion of the universe that they already love.

Like, I love Pokémon and I just got the Pokémon: Let’s Go game. I’ve been obsessed with it. If they like the Harry Potter books, you could get them something like Fantastic Beast theme or something that J.K. Rowling wrote after the series ended. If they’re a Star Wars fan, you could get them something like, you know, a Lego Star Wars set. Or whatever other series they’re a fan of, get them some sort of collectible version of that thing. So it’s not like a toy. It’s a little more adult than that, but they can still nerd out about it and display it and have fun with it.

Experience Gifts

My last category is for an experience. So, if instead of getting a physical gift, you want to get this person something that they can do on their own or maybe something you can do together, try one of these. If you want to pamper that person, get them a massage or a spa day. This is a great way to give a gift card while still giving an experience. And if that’s a little bit out of your budget, get them a little spa day kit so that they can pamper themselves at home.

You could put in bath bombs and exfoliants and different creams and lotions. Also a cooking class is really fun, especially if it’s something that you want to do together with that person. You’re not much of a chef?, go for a wine and paint class. If they’re a more active, adventurous kind of person, go-karting or laser tag or going to an arcade. If you want to give an experience that they can have for all year long, get them a pass to a theme park nearby. And you can always buy yourself a pass for that same theme park so that it’s something that you and that person can do together for the rest of the year.

Going back to kind of that fan boy/fan girl list, if there’s an artist they’re a big fan of, get those tickets to that person’s concert. Or, if they’re a sports fan, tickets to their favorite team’s game. If they’re a Broadway fan, tickets to the national tour of a musical that’s coming nearby. A great gift to give to a whole family is an escape room.

Escape rooms are so, so fun. I used to think that they were all, like, scary themed, so I never wanted to do them cause I don’t like anything scary. But they’re becoming so popular. There’s escape rooms that are themed of like all different things, so it doesn’t have to be scary. It could be even good for families with young kids. You could also book them a weekend getaway, whether it’s with you or with their spouse, with one of their friends. And last thing, another family gift. Book them a family photo session.

So giving that as a gift is really, really great, especially like for parents or grandparents. They’ll really appreciate it. Which of these holiday gift ideas was your favorite? I tried to be pretty unique with them and not just go for the basic typical items like a candle or a gift card or some body lotion.

I tried to be a little bit more inventive and I actually spent a ton of time coming up with this list, so I hope you liked it.

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